UID stands for User ID, which is a unique identification number assigned to each Facebook user. It is a string of numbers that can be found in the URL of a user’s Facebook profile. The UID is used to identify a specific user on Facebook and can be used by developers or other applications to access public information associated with that user’s account.

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What are ID and UID on Facebook?

UID (short for User ID) is a string of numbers used by Facebook to identify an account. We can think of it as a social security number for our Facebook account. Each image, post, event, group, or fan page has a unique and separate UID.

The benefits of using ID and UID on Facebook

a. For regular users:

Using ID and UID to search for friends, acquaintances, groups, fan pages, or posts on Facebook. When you have trouble with an app or game, your user ID can help developers investigate the issue and understand and solve the problem. Assisting other apps to personalize your experience by connecting with your Facebook account. When you let apps connect with your Facebook account, the app can use your user ID to view public information such as public profiles and your friend list.

b. For digital marketers:

  • Supporting the search and extraction of emails/phone numbers.
  • Researching target customers (Target Audience).
  • For fan pages, groups, events:
  • Connecting with target customers
  • Supporting Facebook advertising campaigns.